Candidates vie to represent Parkland


CHAMPAIGN — Ten people believe they have what it takes to serve on Parkland College’s Board of Trustees.

Some say it’s the most interest they’ve seen in years. The range of candidates include business owners, a faculty member and a few former board members. There are three open spots for six-year terms and one for a two-year term.

“Everyone has something different to offer and, I think, this is a component the board does not have at this time.”

Ten people are running to be the next face of Parkland’s BOT.

“I think voters are very fortunate that they cannot go wrong with any of the people that are running right now. There’s just a great selection.”

The state budget crisis continues to linger on the minds of many candidates. They say it would be one of the biggest undertakings if they are elected.

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t have a state budget and higher education is not getting any funding.”

Rochelle Harden is currently a professor at Parkland. She says, not having a budget is affecting everyone.

“It’s definitely hurting our state. It’s hurting our students and, eventually, down the line, it’s going to cause serious, serious problems.”

Richard Taylor says it’s been a big topic throughout the election.

“The budget thing that everyone mentions and because of that, there’s been some layoffs of faculty which really disturbs me and enrollment is flat.”

Parkland has dealt with layoffs and cuts since the budget mess started. It’s even had to raise tuition.

The number of people interested in the positions proves people want to have their say.

“I think more people are interested in getting involved and doing what they can do on a larger level.”

Six candidates are running for the six-year terms; four are running for the two-year term.

Parkland College Board of Trustees Candidates:
6-Year Term
Dana Trimble (Incumbent)
Greg Knott (Incumbent)
Rabel Burdge
E.J. Donaghey
Rochelle Harden 
Richard Taylor
2-Year Term
Bianca Green
Becky Densmore
John Howell
Kathleen Robbins

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