Campus leaders horrified after Unofficial death


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS — Campus leaders say they’re horrified after a student died during Unofficial over the weekend.

The event is not affiliated with the university, but a spokesperson for the school says they’ve been working with the community, police and other campus officials to try to minimize the negative effects the past few years. She says they’ve had some success, but there’s still more to do.

“It ends up being a black mark on our soul,” said Robin Kaler, UIUC Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs. “We lost a human being. We lost a young man who had great potential and promise who we brought here with a specific mission of preparing him to become a leader of his generation. And he’s gone.”

23-year old Jonathan Morales died after falling from an apartment balcony Friday night. Kaler says the number of alcohol-related issues they’ve had has been down the last few years, including this one, until Morales fell.

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