CHICAGO (NEXSTAR) — The second governor’s debate aired Tuesday night, and plenty of advocates on both sides had much to say.

Both campaigns claimed victory over the debate after an hour where both candidates interrupted and slung insults at each other.

Darren Bailey did not take reporter’s questions after the debate, instead slamming Pritzker for feeling the need to.

“Darren’s performance speaks for itself,” a tweet from Bailey’s campaign Twitter reads. “Pritzker can spin, but winners don’t need spin.”

Pritzker’s campaign also was critical of their opponent, and called them out for avoiding answering several questions of the moderators during the debate.

“Darren Bailey’s performance confirmed what we already know to be true: he is entirely incapable of leading Illinois,” said JB for Governor spokeswoman Eliza Glezer. “His constant refusal to answer straightforward questions about his proposal to slash funding for public schools and the display of his extreme anti-choice views is alarming.”

Several pro-LGBTQ groups were vocal about the debate questions on gender-affirming care, including one feminist advocacy group who supported Pritzker’s answer of not limiting access to any age.

“JB trusts Illinoisans to make the right healthcare decisions for themselves and their family,” Laura Rose Welch, the President of Illinois National Organization for Women said on Twitter. “The way it should be.”

And one LGBTQ lobbyist criticized Bailey for his stances on chemical castration.

“Trans kids – & their families/doctors – are being used by anti-family politicians trying to score cheap points,” Brian Johnson, the CEO of Equality Illinois, tweeted in an emoji filled tweet. “Trans kids you are beautiful just as you are. Our state is more vibrant with you in it.”

Dan Proft, a radio show host who runs the People Who Plays By The Rules PAC and has been running anti-Pritzker ads, criticized Pritzker’s answers on Twitter on a myriad of issues from gender-affirming care to election integrity to the SAFE-T Act.

“Pritzker on his Purge Law: it doesn’t let violent criminals out on Jan. 1…but if it does we should amend it,” Proft wrote about the SAFE-T Act’s pre-trial release reform. “Um, so does it or doesn’t it, Gov?”

NBC 5 Chicago reporter Mary Ann Ahern tweeted that billionaire Richard Uihlein has thrown another $2 million in Bailey’s campaign after the debate. Bailey would still be severely behind Pritzker in fundraising after this donation.