CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Friday was the coldest day of the year with the feels like temperature hitting around -19. 150 people bared the cold weather and stayed the night outside to raise awareness of homelessness.

David Bullock a volunteer for one winter night said, “Sometimes you don’t really think about it being this frigid and sleeping out.”

Homelessness is a reality, many faces across central Illinois.

“It’s really humbling to be able to do this,” said participant John, “I’m pretty blessed I’ve never had to go to bed hungry and I’ve never had to stay in the streets.”

John has participated in c-u at homes one winter night event 11 times.

Bullock said, “Sometimes no matter how many things you put on it just gets cold.”

He said this event sheds light on what our friends without an address experience most nights during the winter.

“When your sleeping in a sleeping bag doesn’t have your coat on but just a little bit and let that heat go towards the bottom rather than having it isolated to the top.”

The event isn’t just for the experience.

C-U at home executive director Rob Dalhaus said, “C-u at home historically does one major fundraising event a year and that’s one winter night.”

C-U at home relies on the money raised.

“This brings in about 50-60 percent of our annual budget.”

This year’s goal is 500 thousand dollars.

“To say this is a big deal for us would be an understatement. It is critical for us to hit that goal.”