Busy night for football games


CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — “Games are back on and looking forward to a good night,” Jim Nelson, Illini fan, said.

It was a big night for football in Central Illinois. Football fans flocked to high school and college football games tonight.

Hundreds of fans were preparing for the Illini football game, which usually happens on a Saturday, but high school football fans were still excited for their Friday night lights.

“Either one works because we’re all fans of the same team pretty much,” Gary Winthorpe, Unity High School student, said.

That’s because fans had to make the decision of going to the Illini football game or watching high school football.

“Its a great night tonight. Its kind of weird being a Friday night because usually we’re at a high school football game and there’s a lot of people out here today to root Illini on,” Chad Fincham, Illini fan, said.

Orange and blue colors were all over Champaign-Urbana this Friday night.

“I’ve had two daughters that go here and I haven’t missed a game in probably five-six years so yeah wouldn’t miss it,” Nelson said.

Hundreds of people were tailgating all day for the University of Illinois football game, which usually is something that happens on a Saturday, so Illini fans had to pick between their favorite teams.

“Usually Monticello, Unity, go to games like that. Usually go there on Friday nights, the high school games,” Fincham said.

“As long as its not every Friday cause we do enjoy the high school games, but its beautiful out this time of year so its a great switch to have it on a Friday night,” Nelson said.

For high school students, who are also Illini fans, they love going to U of I football games, but they chose to support their fellow classmates.

“It definitely will effect the crowd with how many people are going to be here cause they want to watch the Illinois football game. You kind of had to pick this time, unlike normal,” Korben Ray, Unity High School student, said.

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