MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA)– Businesses are preparing to open their doors, and Hartfield Book Company is no exception. “We are working on lots of signage. Signage is going to be important to communicate to people what’s going on,” said Nicole Stewart with Hartfield Book Company. Once Phase 3 begins, about 700,000 people in the state are expected to head back to work. Places like restaurants, offices, gyms and retailers will reopen to customers. “We’re missing seeing those folks and getting to chat with them,” said Stewart. Even though businesses will reopen to allow customers inside, there will still be some restrictions. “We will have a maximum occupancy in the store and require everyone to wear a face mask including our employees,” said Stewart.

Restaurants and bars will have to keep outdoor dining and drinking limited to parties of six or smaller. Their business must meet certain criteria in order to seat guests. Gyms must operate at no more than 50 percent occupancy or 5 people for 1000 square feet for one on one training. Retailers should show signs at entry with face covering requirements social distancing guidelines, and cleaning protocols, in different languages as needed.

Samantha Koon owns a vacation property. They had to use their savings to keep their business afloat, but over the past 2 weeks they have seen an increase in sales. She’s hoping Phase 3 will bring more customers.