Business exceeds Toys for Tots expectations


SIDELL, Ill. (WCIA) — Miss Daisy’s has been around in Sidell for three years, and the owner has made it his goal to give back.

James Richardson owner of daisy’s said, “The community has helped over an abundance this year for me,” he also said, “They supported us in times we didn’t think we were going to be supported.”

Because of that, he wanted to help people in need.

“It’s not just here it’s everywhere. We decided Toys for Tots would be good,” said Richardson.

They started their first year with big goals.

Richarson said, “Our goal this year was to fill five boxes for the filled three and were shooting for the other two.”

Usually, small towns barely fill one box but Miss Daisy’s just filled their third.

Danville Toys for Tots director Megan Montgomery said, “If we get one box from a small community it’s unusual, so to get four or five it’s amazing.”

Montgomery said just one box helps a lot.

she said, “It will help us with we’ll say a half a dozen kids or so with just one box.”

She said five will only help more. As the restaurant continues to grow Richardson plans to give back more.

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