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Technology used to create better structures for armed forces

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Engineers are using technolgy to improve the work being done by Armed Forces all over the world. They’re using 3-D computers to create concrete buildings, bridges and more. It’s happening at the Engineer Research and Development Center. Soldiers usually use prepackaged materials to build, but with new technology they can use things found almost anywhere in the world.

These engineers and members of the armed forces are pushing the bounds on what years ago may never have been possible. They’re making 3d structures out of concrete. “We use sand, gravel, cement. It’s all raw materials that you can potentially find in your local area anywhere in the world,” said Megan Kreiger. She is project manager with Additive Construction Technology. It’s a project they’ve been working on for the past 4 years. Members of the Army or Marines will build structures like these at camps when they’re overseas. They’ll also work to develop the areas they’re living, but that comes with some challenges.

“When we go to build either houses or schools or other things in other areas, we’re using this stick built construction, but we have to ship all those materials from the US where ever we’re going or try to find it locally,” said Kreiger. This equiment will make it easier. “With this thing we can pack it up nicely in a nicer container, and we can take it to where we’re going,” said Michael Smith. They can build stronger structures more quickly with less manpower. For now, this is only a test but they want these methods to become more widespread. “Incorporate it into not just the army inventory or marine inventory but across the board for all the services,” said Kreiger.

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