Building partially collapses on man


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — One man was sent to the hospital after a building collapse Monday. It happened on Fields South Drive.

The building was under construction, and part of a wall collapsed. The man is expected to be okay.

The fire department said before construction can continue on the building, part of it has to be take apart first.

“Oftentimes what you’ll see is they’ll start deconstructing the building, taking it apart to the point they can get it stabilized again,” said Randy Smith, Champaign Fire Department Public Information Officer. “At that point in time, often you’ll see maybe an engineer come out, and take a look at those building pieces to see if they’re damaged, to see if they can be reused and salvaged, or if they need to be completely discarded.”

They said they’re not sure what caused the collapse. It’s currently under investigation.

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