BUCKLEY, Ill. (WCIA) — Another decision voters in Buckley had to decide was whether or not to raise property taxes for its ambulance service.

Voters in Buckley voted “Yes” on two separate measures that will help keep their community safe. The district will now get more tax money to pay for more ambulance employees and fire equipment. They’re expecting about $45,000.

“We had plenty of money to operate on a volunteer paid on call system,” Ron Lennington of Paxton said, “but not when you have to put someone on payroll All we could raise was point one on the ambulance side and point one on equipment.”

A company from Chicago will be in charge of hiring for the ambulance service.

“If we can’t find them locally, they’ll place them for us,” Lennington said.

Currently, 13 members are on payroll, but they’re looking to get 20. Tim Woodmansee with Buckley Ambulance says the extra help is needed.

“The biggest thing if we had more people, you’re going to have less burnout,” Woodmansee said.

Ron Lennington retired from the district. He says educating workers is a big part of the process. Emergency responders cover 150 sq. miles.

Lennington says the community is fortunate to have the crews.

“This system started because we were waiting up to an hour and a half to get an ambulance up here,” Lennington said.

This is the second time Buckley has voted on its ambulance service. The first vote was several years ago to keep ambulance services.

The additional revenue will generate about $45,000 for the fire protection district to pay more employees and upgrade any equipment.