Brothers arrested for bank robbery in court


Motion filed to charge juvenile in bank robbery as adult

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Two teenage brother were arrested for robbing a Regions Bank in Champaign. The State’s Attorney’s office is filing a motion to charge one of them as an adult. Both suspects were in court. It happened at Regions Bank near West Clark and South State Streets. A 16-year-old and 18 year old Dakir Pickens were arrested. Both were charged with armed violence, financial institution robbery, and aggravated battery.

In court, attorneys said the teenagers went into the bank and tried to take money from a worker. She refused to give them access to the locked teller area. They say Pickens fired the gun and hit the employee in the head several times with it. When the brothers realized they weren’t going to be able to get the money, they ran. Police eventually caught them several blocks away. An attorney in court says the 18 year old is currently homeless and unemployed. He also says he suffers from PTSD although he has not been diagnosed. His bond is set at one million dollars. It will ultimately be up to the judge to make a decision on what happens to the 16 year old. The State’s Attorney’s Office wants the 16 year old transferred to adult court because of how serious the charges are, but right now he’s charged as a juvenile. The 16 year old was also waiting to be sentenced for several car burglaries. The judge is expected to decide if he will be charged as an adult next week.

This robbery was caught on surveillance video, but police say this is still an ongoing investigation. Anyone with surveillance video of what happened after the brothers were seen leaving the bank should contact Champaign Police.

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