Bringing art and gardening together


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The Urbana Amble is supposed to bring the community together by showing off gardens and art.

People were able to visit several homes and beer gardens, with everything from purple flowers to fresh greens.

In addition to the gardens, Cunningham township unveiled a mural.

Solidarity Gardens is right next to the township building and the organization addresses food insecurity by encouraging the community to grow their own food.

While people celebrated the new mural, Solidarity Gardens also gave people tips on growing vegetables.

There were masks and hand sanitizer provided to ensure safety guidelines.

Urbana Ambler founder Annie Adams came up with the idea for the amble.

“This event came together in ten days,” says Adams. “So that’s what’s amazing about the people in these cities is in 10 days they latched on to the idea they were open to it they came together and said yes I want in and we did this”

Participant Lisa Bralts showed the growth of her garden through the years and wants people to realize that anyone can start their own garden.

“I want people to take away from this is that they can do this themselves,” says Bralts. “All it takes is one container and one seed for them to plant something to learn how to take care of and cultivate something.”

The event will continue through Friday July 3rd from 9-5.

For a full list of locations you can visit the Urbana Ambler Facebook page.

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