Bright Spot Gallery



CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — People continue to find Bright Spots amid this uniquely challenging time of staying-at-home during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Several viewers were struck by Monday’s sunset and sent in snapshots of the glistening horizon, from Gibson City to Rossville.

James has two varieties of daylilies in his garden.

Cindy and Paul make taking out the trash an adventure by dressing up from Super Hoosier to Toga Tuesday and What’s that Smell?

Jessica is a simple country girl relaxing on her best friend and perfect pony, Buddy, as the best way to enjoy a lazy summer day.

Jessie and Mandy Ash are caring for a recent litter of kittens born in their barn.

Zeke is getting a jump-start on his future career in mud wrestling.

Mike and Michelle set up a pool to keep the family cool.

Sherry takes a stroll through her sister’s garden.

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