Bright Spot Gallery



CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — People continue to find Bright Spots amid this uniquely challenging time of staying-at-home during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Olivia’s family in Ivesdale went all out to help students celebrate this year’s unusual end to the school year with a little help from Alice Cooper.

John and Kelly, of Danville, drove to Bloomington to visit their son, Kyle, and 3-year old grandson, Eli, to do some high kite flying.

Sharon snapped shots of Maci Jo’s social distanced 4th birthday including a drive-by parade. She had a blast and was made to feel special.

G. Hills found a baby raccoon while mowing the lawn in Ludlow.

Jean Ellen was inspired by the incredible weekend weather and captured the blue skies and fluffy white clouds outside her back door in White Heath.

Steve focused his camera on nature while his iris were in full bloom.

13-year old Sophie, who attends Uni High School, won a Junior Scientist Award from the Genes in Space contest. The nationwide STEM competition involves one winning, proposed DNA science experiments to be run on the International Space Station. The JSA is given to five middle-school teams with the best proposals as determined by a panel of scientists.

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