Brewery set to close amidst pandemic


CANTRALL, Ill. (WCIA) — Another business is lost to the pandemic. Rolling Meadows Farm Brewery is shutting down and they’re closing their taproom.

The business has been open for more than a decade, but they’re attributing production and staffing limitations from the pandemic as a reason for their closure. They also said several manufacturing companies where they get some of their products to help brew were shut down.

Even though they won’t brew beer, they said the space won’t be wasted.

“We do need some storage space for some of the things that we grow out on the farm,” said Deion Corley, head brewer. “So this will kind of turn into a catch all for a little bit. And once things clear up, we can then sit down and make a decision about what’s going on here.”

The farm will still continue to with sustainable agriculture, and cultivate corn, soybean and hemp products.

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