Breaking down when sirens should be sounded


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Parents voiced their concerns after students did not take shelter at a school on the city’s north side.

Saint Thomas More’s principal, Sr. M. Bridget Martin, responded to the parents’ concerns in a letter and explained that the siren directly across from the street did not sound. She said she had also been keeping an eye on her weather app for warnings, but said going forward, she would also use a NOAA weather radio as well.

“It wasn’t out of negligence that we weren’t trying to take cover or anything like that,” Martin said. “It was more that the siren which is right outside our school didn’t actually sound. So, the realization of that and what that looked like to parents who thought we chose not to act – I wanted to reassure them that that wasn’t actually the case.”

Listen to WCIA 3’s Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty break down the reason why some sirens will sound and others won’t by watching the video above.

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