CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– The younger set from the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club got to move into their new home for the first time, The Martens Center. 

“I mean it’s just a better place, like the old one is old and it’s getting kind of boring,” said fifth grader Jaysean.

But kids like Jaysean won’t have to worry about being bored at the new boys and girls club location. 

“It’s going to mean a world of difference for us being able to program appropriately for the elementary level,” said Sam Banks, interim executive director of the Boys and Girls Club. 

Many of the kids walked in as if it were Christmas morning, in awe of all that their new space has to offer. 

“Just imagine that we have a touch screen tv and like it’s so new and stuff, as I’ve never had anything like this,” said Jaysean. 

“They have fun games: just dance, yoga,” said first grader Infinity.  

Banks says by having the elementary students here it will create a better space for the teens.  

“We’ve been jammed packed at our Park Street location for a long time we usually get 150 kids a day,” said Banks.

“It’s just a better environment there’s not like hundreds of people walking around and everything and it’s just a better place and it is bigger,” said Jaysean.  

Not only will it create a better environment, but it will also provide a safe and accessible place for students and families who live closer to the Martens Center. 

“I think the Martens center is going to serve as a safe haven for kids with the violence going on in the community,” said Banks. 

Banks says they plan to renovate the Park Street location to fit the needs of teens.