Book study for families


Staff working with parents to teach students lesson in grit

WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WCIA)– Teachers are trying to get students to remember a valuable lesson, “It’s ok to fail,” said Kristen Kendrick-Weikle, Superintendent of Warrensburg-Latham School District. However, that’s something the Superintendent of Warrensburg Latham says some students are stuggling with accepting. “Our students reported that maybe they don’t persevere and use that self grit in their academics,” said Kendrick-Weikle. “Sometimes they’re afraid to try because they don’t want to fail in the end,” said English teacher Alyssa Jackson.

Kendrick-Weikle says sometimes those behaviors can be brought on by what’s happening at home. “I think parents with really good intentions try to I think sometimes remove obstacles for our kids, and by doing that we really have removed the opportunity for kids to learn and develop that confidence in themselves,” said Kendrick-Weikle. Now, they’re giving parents some homework. The district is offering a book study through social media. It’s based on the book “How to Raise an Adult,” by Julie Lythcott-Haims. “We’ll be posting questions on Facebook, the Superintendent’s Facebook page, as well as the school district Twitter feed, and we’re just going to do five questions a week,” said Kendrick-Weikle.

Allysa Jackson is an English teacher. She says she’s seen first hand how parents can sometimes be a bit too involved. “If we enter grades in the grade book, parents get notified on their cell phones and then they’re immediately either emailing teachers about grades or asking their students who are in class about grades,” said Jackson, “The parents need to let the students have a little bit more ownership even if they’re not getting straight A’s even if they have a B in a class or they’re not doing very well in a class.” “It’s about just learning and helping prepare our kids for as much success as possible,” said Kendrick-Weikle.

This is a voluntary assignment for parents. The superintendent says parents in all grade levels may find something valuable by participating. The first questions will be posted online February 12th. Parents can find more information by contacting the school or searching the district and superintendent’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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