Boil orders issued as company tries to improve internet connection


MONTICELLO, Ill.(WCIA)–People on Sand Lake Court are under a boil order, and neighbors say it’s an issue they have been dealing with off and on for years. “I would definitely say frustrating. You don’t want to move into a house and then 8 times have to deal with boil orders. It’s not fun,” said Jordan Barney.

This time White Heath Water Works says the problem stems from an improvement they’re trying to make in the area. A company has been trying to put in fiber optic lines, so they can improve internet connection.

“The problem is that the maps that I have for where my water lines are at are very old, and they aren’t accurate. They were maps for proposals when they were getting approval for these subdivisions. We never got finalized maps,” said Erik Berkman, White Heath Water Works, “What we’re dealing with is once in a while we hit a water main or a water line that we didn’t know was there.”

When that happens steps have to be taken to protect the people who live there. “I have to shut that water main down, and anytime you need 20 pounds of pressure in a water main you have to do a boil order,” said Berkman.

“We have taken precaution of boiling the water and doing that. It’s not convenient. I’d say the biggest thing is making sure we have extra water around, so we can cook and obviously have clean drinking water,” said Barney.

White Heath Water Works says it may be an inconvenience now, but it’s all for the better of the community. “I just ask everybody to have some patience because we’re really going to benefit from this out here. We’re really going to have some good high speed internet eventually,” said Berkman.

White Heath Water Works says the company putting in the lines has received some mean emails. They want the community to know they are all doing the best they can to make improvements.

White Heath Water Works is trying to get more accurate maps, so they know where water lines are in the future.

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