CERRO GORDO, Ill. (WCIA)– Bluey the Parakeet flew his coop in Naperville and ended up in a person’s backyard in Cerro Gordo.

Brandon Walker lives right outside of the village limits of Cerro Gordo on a small farm with horses and his dogs. That Tuesday morning, he went to do his morning routine of letting the dogs out and feeding his horses, but this morning would end up anything but routine.

His German Shepard, Lyla, stopped and noticed the little bird. “I went to feed the horses, and my German Shepard noticed it and didn’t bother it.” So he went to investigate. “I just reached down and picked him up, and he just set on my finger. I had to go work and ready to leave and everything, so I put him in garage and posted on Facebook.”

However, this bird had an owner desperately searching for him.

The owner, Sathya Anbu said the bird accidently got out during a bath. She did not cut his wings and trained them to fly, so she trained him to come sit on her shoulder. Then on one fateful morning she went to give Bluey and Mint a bath, and Bluey escaped the coop. She said, “Then one day I went to give them a water spray and took the cage out, they were enjoying the bath but unfortunately blue came out of the door with curiosity and flew away from my home. I cried and tried to chase him, but he was too fast.”

She said this happened on August 6 around 2 p.m. “My dad and I went and searched all the nearby streets shouting his name. I played his videos. I kept the cage with other birds for a day. I did all my best to get him back, but I did not get him. I cried for a whole week with guilt.” She added, “I prayed to God with a lot of tears to make him alive.”

Then she decided to post he was missing on social media. She went to the Palouse heights and posted in the Illinois birds group. She received many replies. Many spotted him, but Bluey was too fast. He kept flying south.

Then community members used social media, to help reunite the owners of the parakeet. David Stukins saw the post and found a post on another page about a missing parakeet. He had gone missing on August 6 and somehow flew 148 miles to Cerro Gordo.

Walker ended up chatting with the owner, Sathya Anbu, from Naperville and he says they were so happy. They were at his home Wednesday at 6:45 a.m. to get their bird. Anbu the owner said, “We started our drive by 3:30 a.m.” adding, “We saw our Blue! He was tired and I brought him back to my home and he reunited with his friends. It was a 6 hour drive, but definitely worth the drive.” His bird friends Minty, Mini, and Snowy all parakeets were excited to see Bluey.

While the bird was in Walker’s care, he made sure he had food and put him in a cat carrier cage to keep him safe. Walker said his son, Lucas, took a liking to the birdie as he would put him on his chest and shoulder.

Walker said the experience was so positive. This bird was missing since August 4 and somehow made it safely to his yard by the luck of his dog Lyla discovered the bird. Then, by a social media miracle, the bird was reunited. “The news is always bad news, and this is good news and has a happy ending,” said Brandon Walker.

The owner of Bluey, Anbu wanted to thank everyone involved in this reunification and has a message for all parakeet owners, “Trust your bird. Keep talking to them and train them in such a way they will survive outside. I am happy that Bluey could survive outside many days. Thanks to God for saving him. Thanks a lot to David Stuckins Jr and Brandon Walker for saving his life and informing me at the right time. I am forever grateful to them.”