BLM encouraging people to vote


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA)- Dozens gathered in front of the vermilion county administration building for a black lives matter rally. Event organizer Mary Catherine Roberson wants people to take action now that awareness has been brought to the black lives matter movement. She sometimes feels people only focus on the presidential election, so she stressed the importance of state-level elections at the rally. “People run these systems, so these people are either intentionally or unintentionally perpetuating these systems of inequality, so what I’m encouraging people to do is find out who’s running in your area, find out what they believe,” said Roberson.

The Danville NAACP chapter was also there showing support, and treasurer, Tamara Red said they want young people to know they have a voice. “We want them to know that they have voices and have rights and to just get them more active in things like this and to speak because they’re not being heard either,” said Red.

Danville high school student Jania Glover isn’t old enough to vote, but wants to make sure that her voice is heard in other ways. She says she’s faced race-based assumptions that she has an attitude, and wants to change that for other girls. “Teachers think I always have an attitude because of the tone of my voice. I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble because those things on my background could ruin me going to college and the same for my peers. They say we have no future, but I say we have a future. “They also encouraged people to fill out their census, reminding people that it could hurt the funding their community receives if they don’t.

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