GIBSON CITY, Ill., (WCIA) — When you’re out shopping, you’ve probably noticed many items increasing in price. Now, egg prices are on the rise too.

Farmers said it’s for a variety of reasons. One said she’s had to spend more money on feed for her chickens. She’s also noticed low water levels in the Mississippi River causing shipping problems.

For Barb Horsch in Gibson City, she said the biggest problem is bird flu.

“Across the nation, millions of birds have had to be destroyed because of exposure to bird flu,” Horsch said. “When you have large operations and they have to destroy most of their main flock, it takes a while to gear back up.”

She said her chickens, and many others in Central Illinois are okay.

But for others, when bird flu hits, it can create management challenges. Producers have to focus more time on sanitation.

The CDC reports as of Jan. 4, 2023, 57,831,801 chickens in the United States have been impacted by bird flu.