Bill allows young adults to drink w/parents

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ILLINOIS — Young adults could soon be able to order alcohol at restaurants around the state. Thanks to a new bill, people as young as 18 could be served wine or beer with a parent’s permission.

Lawmakers who proposed the bill say they feel this type of change would be harmless since it’s still the parent’s decision.

“You know, it’s okay to sit down and have a beer with my dad or have a cup of wine with my mom and sit down and have family time.”

A new bill could make this type of family time possible outside the home. If passed, restaurants could serve up alcohol to underage adults if a parent or guardian gives them the “okay.”

“The normalizing of parental consent for 18- and 20-year olds, to me, that’s the part that’s making me raise the most eyebrow.”

Sociology lecturer Tiffani Saunders researches family structure and behavior at University of Illinois-Springfield. She’s worried this legislation enables young adults to start bad habits sooner.

“If you do have a family member who’s an alcoholic, in general, we do question your judgment, so having that same family member, parent, for example, be the one who can say, ‘Yes, you’re allowed to drink,’ that could be problematic.”

She says young adults should be steered away, not towards, alcohol.

“People are still developing until the age of 25, which is why we like to delay alcohol as much as we can.”

Many argue normalizing underage drinking leads to healthier usage in the future.

“I think it’s a good way to introduce it to them because it’s better than having them come completely ignorant to college and have them take advice from other individuals.”

“You kind of have, like a mentor there to make sure you’re okay if you drink too much, so I think it’s just safer.”

To be clear, the bill would only allow young adults to be served beer and wine while with parents, so no hard liquor.

States which currently have this law are: Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

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