URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The University of Illinois Police Department said they are noticing a rise in electric scooter and bike thefts to start the school year. Six were stolen in the first week of the semester.

Officials said more students are using electric scooters, but they may not be using locks sturdy enough to prevent thieves from taking them. Those scooters also don’t have many places to put a lock on or around them.

“We’ll watch the security camera footage and we’ll see people literally down the line of bikes, looking at each one, figuring out which one they want to take,” said UIPD Public Information Officer Patrick Wade. “So if you have the best lock on that rack and you’ve done it the right way, a lot of people are going to pass right over your bike or scooter. That takes a lot out of it.”

Wade recommended using U-shaped locks or ones made of metal. They may be expensive, but could save one’s property.