Bigger signs needed to deter semi-trucks

PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — Downtown Paxton has a strict policy preventing semi-trucks from going through Market Street.

However, business owners and shoppers still see many trucks breaking that law. Some blame too small of signs for the traffic. Town shops just want what’s best for their customers.

“As a business owner, anything that you’re doing in downtown that’s not guest friendly or hospitable as it can be is going to deter business in someway or another,” said Humble Hog’s Benjamin Grice.

Semi-trucks only have one entrance into Paxton off of Interstate 57. Drivers are supposed to divert off of Market before downtown. Some drivers follow their GPS straight into the business district without following the signs.

“I know they’ve had issues with the GPS stuff,” said Grice. “But that’s stuff that the state can fix so it’s time to fix that. Especially for us repaving our roads, once that’s done we don’t want to tear it up all over again.”

The road repaving is part of a $1.2 million project for downtown Paxton. The revitalization will see four blocks of new road. Paxton Mayor Bill Ingold wants to keep the semis out before the improvements.

“You can see when they stop they actually stop and ruffle up the road if you will,” said Ingold. “It makes it bumpy and stuff like that. And if we’re gonna spend that kind of money I don’t want that happening. We need to keep trucks on a truck route and out of our downtown.”

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