Beauty school closes abruptly


CHAMPAIGN — A beauty school abruptly closed on Wednesday. And it’s not the only one. Leaders at Regency Beauty Institute say all 79 of their campuses nationwide are shut down. Students we talked with say they were blindsided. Some had just days left before they finished the program. Despite the sad ending, they say they have nothing but good memories from their time there.

“My instructors, everybody that was involved in this school was absolutely, has a piece of my heart,” said Alyssa Drollinger, who lives in Fisher. “Everybody in this school has helped me through at some point or another.”

People we talked with say new students had just started this week. Institute leaders say they’re sorry this had to happen so quickly, but they couldn’t afford to keep the school going. Other schools in central Illinois have reached out to students to help them finish their education.

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