Beardstown Fire update: 2 firefighters, 1 resident still hospitalized


BEARDSTOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — Firefighters are still working at an active fire scene Monday morning after a blaze broke out in a Beardstown apartment building the night before and hurt several people.

A press release says the fire is still considered to be active because parts of the structure were made inaccessible by the extensive damage.

The Beardstown Fire Department said three firefighters and one resident were hurt. It says the firefighters jumped from the second floor and landed on their backs.

The resident is still being treated at the hospital, but fire crews say they are expected to survive.

WCIA reported Sunday night one person was rescued from the second floor of the building after being trapped.

The department adds a 35-year-old firefighter was seriously hurt and is listed in stable condition. Additionally, they are expected to survive.

The release says a 46-year-old firefighter is also seriously hurt and still undergoing treatment.

Lastly, a 23-year-old firefighter was seriously hurt and has been treated and released from the hospital.

The department says no residents are currently missing and no one else was reportedly hurt.

City officials and firefighters say they’re reviewing options for demolishing the building in order to put out the remaining fire.

The City of Beardstown is also coordinating relief efforts for people affected by the fire.

Firefighters say people should stay clear of the area because the fire scene is still active.

A online fundraiser has been started to help 13 people displaced by the fire.

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