Beachgoers enjoy early holiday


SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The West Dam Recreation Area at Lake Shelbyville was full Wednesday as families started their holiday weekend early.

With the long weekend for the Fourth of July, people are taking advantage of the weather and the time off. But what are people’s favorite thing to do at the beach?

“Just being in the water,” said Effingham resident Mark Wiesike. ” It’s therapeutic.”

“My favorite thing to do at the beach is probably make sandcastles,” says six-year old Clementine Houston.

The lake and connected campground expect numbers to spike for the weekend as more people make their way out for the beach and fireworks show Thursday night.

But those celebrating early got the chance to pull up a chair, enjoy the sun and maybe even cheat on their diet.

“It’s different than where I’m from,” said Wiesike. “I’m from San Diego, so I’m from the ocean. But I like the change of weather out here better. It’s very nice.”

“I really like it because I get to have all of the sugar I wanted to,” says Houston. “I never, ever get to have all that sugar at my moms.”

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