CHAMPAIGN, Ill (WCIA)– Champaign and University police used to do bar compliance checks. The goal is to make sure people are being safe and no one underage is serving alcohol or purchasing it. 

This is not a new concept, but police had to stop during the pandemic because of Covid and due to a staffing crisis.  

Now that both have eased up, the checks are starting up again. 

“We’re watching the servers to make sure that one we don’t have any underage servers and two to make sure that anybody who is purchasing alcohol is not underage,” said Lieutenant Andre Davis, with Champaign police.  

One student was at a bar when the police came in for a check, and thought it was out of the norm.  

“I noticed on my walk over there, there were a lot of cops out, and cop cars in the streets and police officers walking around,” said Henry Hamelberg, a student at Indiana University. 

Davis says in September’s check, they gave out 13 violations, which included everything from a minor in possession to fake IDs. 

“In future checks, you can probably see an increase in those numbers as time goes on,” said Davis. 

Davis says the do not communicate when they will happen, but police officers will always be identifiable. 

“We don’t give any previous notice if they are operating as they should then there should not be any problems,” said Davis.  

In the end, they hope that these checks will prevent underage drinking and deter violence in and around bars. 

 “I think the overall presence of the police will suppress, should suppress violence that may occur,” said Davis 

Davis says the tickets range from $200 to $300 dollars. People have 21 days to pay the fine, or they must appear in court.  

He also says they plan to have the checks at least once a month but will not disclose where and how many locations they go to.