CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Attorney General Kwame Raoul announced there was a settlement with Peoples Gas over a natural gas leak in Champaign County.

“This consent order will ensure that Peoples Gas is held accountable for cleaning up the gas release and required to provide residents access to safe drinking water,” said Raoul. “My office will continue to work diligently to protect Illinois residents form contamination that threatens public health and the environment.”

This comes after a lawsuit was filed by Raoul’s office regarding a natural gas leak from a Peoples Gas underground storage facility. That was located near Fisher. Officials said it leaked into the Mahomet Aquifer and private wells of nearby homes.

Raoul said the consent order “requires Peoples Gas to mitigate the release by implementing a Groundwater Management Zone (GMZ) approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). Implementation of the GMZ includes the operation of four new relief wells to remove methane from the aquifer. The wells are located in areas identified through site investigation as most likely to yield migrated gas. If any of the relief wells fail to yield methane, Peoples Gas will be required to located and install a replacement well.”

Peoples Gas is also supposed to conduct periodic sampling to track “the extent of the release and the progress of mitigation by the relief well.” They must also continue to operate relief wells and sample them until IEPA deems “clean-up objectives” have been met, said Raoul.

This order will also give relief to households that have been impacted. “Peoples Gas must offer water treatment systems, bottled water, in-home gas monitoring devices and ongoing water monitoring to any household with levels of methane from the release exceeding an action level identified by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH),” Raoul said.