Area dance team’s routine goes viral

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Update: 6:30 pm, 2/9/16, Tuesday 

MAHOMET — A local dance team is getting worldwide attention. A performance video of Mahomet-Seymour’s Competitive Dance Team has been viewed millions of times.

One step at a time is how the team practices for a routine which has no music.

“I never knew how much I would fall in love with this profession. It’s been way more work than I could ever imagine, but the rewards are endless.”

So is the attention Coach Margaret Miller’s girls are getting. It started with video of a performance at a home basketball game.

“A parent just taped the video because that’s what parents do. We were not expecting this at all. It instantly went viral.”

Almost three million views on YouTube, and it’s only been online for a week. The team says it’s getting praise from as far away as California, London and even Japan.

“I had no idea that it would blow up like that. To have our dance team have so many people like it and want to watch it, it is so fun to see that growth.”

“I mean, who could’ve imagined that this many people would want to see our video? Be sharing it, liking it, commenting. I think we’re all just celebrating and just so happy to see the reaction to it.”

But, getting that reaction didn’t come easily. The team says dancing together with no beat was a daunting challenge. Their secret to pulling it off was within the very words they dance to.

“It’s all about how fear, deep down, can keep you from reaching your fullest potential and kind of depressing you and then, the second part of the speech that comes in is all about how you can change your life and be everything you’re meant to be.”

The message of the performance is simple: “What room does fear have?” In this team, it has no room at all.

“This is an incredible group of girls.”

“As soon as you walk into the team, there’s a feeling of commitment and love that you really don’t get to feel anywhere else.”

Since the video went viral, the team has even gotten some celebrity attention. TV and movie star Ashton Kutcher shared the video on his Facebook page.

The team competed in the state finals last weekend and placed in the top ten.

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Original: 10:24 pm, 2/8/16, Monday

MAHOMET — A local dance team is getting worldwide recognition. Video of the Mahomet-Seymour High School Competitive Dance Team has gone viral. It’s gotten two million hits since it was posted just six days ago.

People keep sharing it because it’s so unique. There’s no music; just spoken words. The team’s coach says they’re surprised with all the exposure.

The theme of the dance is Living Without Fear. The girls finished in the top ten of state finals last weekend.

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