Answer to water question not clear

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FISHER — The village might be selling its water and sewer systems, but before leaders make a decision, they’re considering all their options.

Officials are considering proposals from two private companies, reviewing pros and cons. They’re asking the public to weigh in as well.

Village board members say selling the water system could bring in big revenue, but before they make that decision, they’re holding public meetings to consider all options.

American Water and Aqua America drafted proposals to buy the village’s water and sewer systems.

Mayor Milt Kelly says, on one hand, it would bring in about $5 million in revenue and possibly lower tax rates over time. On the other hand, selling the system would mean a loss of direct local control.

Since the village sits on top of the Mahomet Aquifer, some worry it may be misused. Each company will present its proposal to the public for a Q-and-A session.

The meetings take place Wednesday, April 12, 7 pm, and Saturday, April 15, 10 am.

Mayor Kelly says the city has suffered from a lack of state funding. He believes they could use the $5 million from the sale to help maintain streets and parks.

While Fisher is still weighing its options, Sadorus announced the official sale of its water system.

Illinois American Water says it will make several improvements, including connecting the village’s water main to the Champaign County water system.

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