Ammons & Republican Party issue statements following court hearing


CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons was in court Friday afternoon.

He is being sued by the county’s Republican Party. They said he has not provided information he is legally obligated to give them. One of them is a list of names and addresses of mail-in voters.

Judge John Kennedy ruled in favor of Champaign County Republicans and granted them two important things.

First, Republicans will be accorded representatives at the Counting Station on election night. The judge ruled that the County Clerk was to send a list of Republican workers, as required by 24B-11 of the Election Code, to the Republican Chairman by Monday morning. Ammons failed to comply with this law in the primary and Republicans have been asking about this law since August 7th.

Second, Judge Kennedy ruled that Ammons was not providing adequate access to the list of absentee ballots and where they were being mailed. The judge ruled that Ammons was to place the list in such a location as to allow public access.

In addition, a member of the County Clerk’s staff testified under oath that the party could receive a list of election judges that has been requested and denied numerous times in the last few weeks.

Statement from The Champaign County GOP

They said he also did not provide the names on time of the four people who are supposed to be counters on Election Day. It is required 30 days before Election Day to give them time to object .

Ammons’ attorney argued that that information was easily accessible. A judge decided Ammons has to give them that information Monday.

In a response to today’s 4 hour court hearing, 4 days before the election:

While it was unfortunate we had to stop the important work we are doing to deal with this, we are pleased the facts and truth were allowed to come out.

Their attempt to undermine the election and suppress vote-by-mail ballots was dismissed! Five (5) of the seven (7) counts were dismissed.

The Republican Party was given access to information by the County Clerk’s office and we are happy to provide the rest of the information they are requesting. They have not done their job in recruiting and providing names of Election judges and even had a deceased person that was on the certified list they signed off on.

It’s unfortunate that the local and national Republican party is focused on sowing discord among voters and undermining public confidence in the electoral process. These type of actions are similar to bad actors from other countries casting doubt and trying to undermine our elections.

Our office is committed to transparency and access to information FOR ALL. We are glad we can get back to the most important thing right now, the largest election in the history of our country and county. Over 50k voters have exercised their right to vote in Champaign County and they have done so safely and securely.

We want to thank the State’s Attorney’s office, particularly Barb Mann and Matt Banach, for their outstanding work on this case. They also had to stop the important work they were focused on to deal with this frivolous lawsuit.

Aaron Ammons, Champaign County Clerk

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