MAHOMET, Ill. (WCIA) — As temperatures cool down, rises in gas leaks are becoming more common.

Ameren workers said it’s important you know how to act fast when you smell gas. Furnaces, stoves and fireplaces are some spaces where leaks happen. Natural gas is normally odorless and colorless but Ameren adds an extra chemical to give off a rotten egg smell. Supervisor Jacob Dukett said knowing these signs can be the difference in saving your life. He said you should inspect all appliances toward the end of the summer and make sure flames like pilot lights are the right color when burning.

“If you have a gas stove or see the flames inside your furnace, you should have that crisp blue flame,” Dukett said. “Anytime we see orange or yellow or speckling of the flames or like a dirty flame, is what that would resemble, that can be a sign of having a gas issue or carbon dioxide issue.”

Dukett said if you catch any scent of natural gas inside your home, leave immediately. Customers should also call the 8-1-1 number before digging into the ground.