URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The University of Illinois campus will be a little quieter over the next few years.

Chimesmaster Michael Broussard shared on social media that the chimes will temporarily close due to scheduled renovations of Altgeld Hall. Sunday was the final concert.

About a hundred people packed around Altgeld by the Alma Mater statue and even spilled onto the Main Quad. Lucas Chittick, a U of I senior, said it felt like a full-circle moment for him.

He grew up listening to the chimes with his family, then always heard them walking to class as a student. They’re ending for now, and at the same time, he’s preparing to graduate too.

“Hearing the bells play like when I’d walk on the quad to classes, those were moments where it felt real to be at college,” Chittick said.

And now, the chimes’ sweet sounds will go silent.

“Hopefully the few-year hiatus, we’ll be able to come back,” Broussard said. “We fully plan to have the bells back and running and operational, so in some time the music will ring across campus again.”

Sarah Kwilecki plays them as well and is the assistant chimesmaster. She wanted to be a part of history.

“I feel really lucky to have this opportunity,” she said. “It’s really scary when you’re playing sometimes but to know that so many people can hear you is really cool.”

About 50,000 people each day, in fact.

“It’s great to be able to bring that sort of music to the community of the University of Illinois,” Broussard said. “There are so many people outside of the student population that are so interested, too.”

And some of those people are Chittick’s family members.

“My grandma and my dad talk about coming to coming to concerts here when they were like high schoolers or just as like family events and stuff,” Chittick said.

But right now, it’s all bittersweet.

“At the end of the day like, the bells will come back. They’re over 100 years old, they’re not going anywhere,” Broussard said.

The campus won’t be completely silent though. Broussard said they’re working on a few recording projects and will have more announcements on their social media pages soon.