MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) – A simple question got a lot more complicated in Monticello Wednesday. Is John Carter still the chief of police? We’ve been working to find out. But the short answer is – we don’t know.

A viewer told us the police chief was asked to step down, but the city says he’s still employed. Crews knocked on John Carter’s door Wednesday afternoon. He was home, but said he didn’t have time to talk.

A recording from Monday’s city council meeting shows a different officer giving the police chief’s report that night. Since then, reliable sources have told us John Carter is no longer Monticello’s police chief.

We asked City Administrator Terry Summers directly if he could confirm Carter no longer works for the department. He said in two separate emails: “The Chief of Police is still employed.” We followed up asking if Carter took a leave of absence and have not gotten a response yet. We also reached out to Mayor Larry Stoner by phone and email but haven’t heard from him, despite being told by a city council member Stoner “would handle this.”

Another city council member told us the issue has been discussed in “private meetings.” A human resources employee with the city said “no comment.” We called the Monticello Police Department Wednesday morning, and they did not answer whether Carter still works there. But they said they’d pass along our message.