PAXTON, Ill. (WCIA) — The collapsed wind turbine in Paxton has some people worried about oil spills. Paxton officials did get a report about a potential spill, but they say it’s nothing to worry about yet.

Wind turbines do hold oil, but there is no evidence the fallen turbine is losing any. Ford county emergency management says the report was sent out as a precaution. They would have to wait until the area dries up from last night’s rain to access the damage.

“All of that is contained. Like I said, we won’t know anything until they start moving the unit. The gentleman that I talked to out there said he worked with RWE for a number of years and as far as he can recall this is the first incident like this that they’d ever had. So, it’s sort of new ground for everybody,” said Terry Whitebird, Ford County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Whitebird said the cleanup process could start next week and it’ll take about a week to finish.