Air conditioner repairs increasing from heat and flooding


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– Flooding has also caused problems for air conditioners.

People are looking to get their units repaired or replaced because of it. Chief Bauer Service Experts in Champaign say they’re getting more calls from people with flooded units. They say water can get into your a/c or furnace and completely ruin them.

“There’s been some cases where basements or crawl spaces have flooded and the furnaces have been under water and components have been damaged to the point where we’re had to repair them and in some cases because of the damage that was done it has exceeded the cost of the repair, we’ve replaced them,” Buddy Carpenter, Operations Manager at Chief Bauer Service Experts, said.

He says in general, you should get your a/c and furnace units checked about twice a year. That will help keep them from breaking in extreme heat or extreme cold.

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