STONINGTON, Ill. (WCIA) — I’d like to introduce you to a couple of travelers who are headed to Scotland on Wednesday.

Cole and Waylon Paulek of Stonington are headed to Scotland as part of an international livestock judging competition.

Stu Ellis: What got you on this trip?

Cole Paulek: Recently, our team was able to go to Denver, Colo. in January to competition in the National Western Livestock judging competition there, where we were named reserve national champions overall. And so this gave us the opportunity to go represent the U.S. at the Royal Highland Show and judge in Scotland.

Stu Ellis: What will you be doing there?

Cole Paulek: We will be going on a tour of Scotland, Ireland and England for a period of two weeks while also judging at the Royal Highland Show, specifically cattle, and just seeing how different agriculture is across the sea compared to how it is in the United States.

Stu Ellis: Waylon, how are English, Scottish and Irish livestock different from the U.S.? It’s going to be a little bit of a challenge, I have a feeling.

Waylon Paulek: Yeah, they have highland cattle and they have really long, shaggy hair and have horns and are kind of shorter and stouter built. So that will be different just because they have so much hair; you really have to look down deep to see the big parts and pieces because you can’t see the small pieces compared to U.S. cattle that don’t have as much hair. There’s also double-muscled cattle, which I’ve never seen one, but it’s kind of the origin of the Angus breed and other British breeds that come from over there that will be really interesting to see the difference in how their livestock looks compared to ours.”

Based on what these guys have done at the Illinois FFA convention, they are probably going to bring some major hardware back from Scotland. We wish the best of luck to the Taylorville team over in the British Isles in the next several weeks.