CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — It’s county fair season, punctuated by tractor pulls. For the Johnson family, their whole life is built around tractor pulling and farming.

The Johnson brothers’ pulling tractor Built 4 Business is the creation of Randy Johnson and his four boys. He and two of them, Kevin and Travis, told their family story.

“My dad started farming in 1951, and I got started in 1974, started farming Champaign and Vermilion County, raised corn and soybeans,” Randy said. “Went to tractor pulls when I was younger, and just always enjoyed it. I really didn’t get started in tractor pulling until after I started farming in ’74. I think the first tractor pull I participated in was in ’75.”

“I started pulling, I remember it was at Royal, 1985, I was 6 years old. I started pulling with a BFA rib, which we still have, and we’ve always kind of been part of it,” Kevin said. “Bought this tractor in the summer of 2000 and started working on it. I think the only thing left of the original tractor now is the rear end. Everything else has been updated, revamped, however you want to call it.”

“I guess I do most of the farming. I started farming right out of high school for a neighbor and been farming ever since,” Travis said. “Started pulling when I was five of six and have been pulling ever since. I would say, winning at Gordyville Winter Nationals would probably be the pride of winning them all. We won it a couple times, and that’s about the best one out of all of them.”

“Going to the fairs and tractor pulls is fun, but working on it at home, working together with the boys, is one of the main things,” Randy added. “I enjoy it.”

“And we can still disagree and we still love each other and laugh at the night,” Kevin said. “We might not agree on everything that we do, but we still come together at the end of the night.”