Harvest Heritage: Cassie Bennett


PLEASANT PLAINS, Ill. (WCIA) – I would like to introduce you to some royalty: Cassie Bennett, her husband Kenny, and their daughter Sloan. Cassie has been designated as the Farm Woman of the Year for Sangamon County.

Stu Ellis: And you probably were raised on a farm?

Cassie Bennett: No.

Stu Ellis: Own some farmland?

Cassie Bennett: No.

Stu Ellis: You have an agriculture education?

Cassie Bennett: No.

Stu Ellis: Ok. Tell me about this award, and what does this mean to you?

Cassie Bennett: This award was presented to me by the Sangamon County Farm Bureau, and I am honored.

Stu Ellis: Jim Birge is the Farm Bureau manager.

Jim Birge: We honor women and people in agriculture that serves in multiple roles and capacities on their farm or in their community, and Cassie certainly is one of the premier examples of exactly that. As a farmer, Cassie tends to the cattle, she drives a grain cart, she hauls the kids, she fixes the meals, she does a bit of everything. She is a very integral part of the very farm operation that she serves.

Stu Ellis: Kenny, what does this mean to you to be in the same household as the Farm Woman of the Year?

Kenny Bennett: Oh, she lets me know.

Stu Ellis: Do you get razzing about this at the elevator?

Kenny Bennett: No, we’re very proud of her,” Kenny said.

Stu Ellis: Tell me about your operation.

Cassie Bennett: We raise corn and soybeans, and we have some cattle.

Congratulations to Cassie Bennett of rural Pleasant Plains for being Farm Woman of the Year for Sangamon County.

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