Harvest Heritage: Adcock Family Livestock


MOWEAQUA, Ill. (WCIA) – Most people would guess that champion livestock come from Texas or Oklahoma. But Adcock Land and Livestock – owned by Bob and Sherry Adcock – has been capturing national recognition for many years when you see the banners on their wall.

Son Justin introduces you to Phil, top bull at the North American Livestock Exposition.  

“One of those animals we’ve had a lot of success with is this this bull here,” Justin said. “His official name is Hot Topic, we call him Phil here in the barn because his mother is Phyllis and it got to be a joke because it was easier to call him Phil and he was just champion at our national show in Louisville, Kentucky a couple weeks ago.”

“We won our first national show in 1986, we had the fortune to win the National Western out in Denver, Colorado,” Sherry said. “We won the Simmental bull show out there, we then won it two more times, obviously with three different bulls, which had that point had never been done by the same breeder.”

“It is truly a family affair here,” Justin said. “Mom is in charge of the show animals that stay here and making sure these animals get bathed twice a day in the summertime. It is a seven day a week job and somebody always has to be around, so that is something that we take great pride in is the family side of things.”

Washing them twice a day in the summer, why does Sherri do what she does?

“I do ask myself that some days,” Sherry said. “Some days, the drive to come out and do it is maybe not there, but when we can do something like this and produce something like this, it makes those rough days way more manageable for me.”

“As long as everything keeps going status quo is we’ll continue to do this for generations going forward,” Justin said. “We have a long history as a family in the agriculture sector here in this part of the world, and it is a drive that has been passed from one generation to the next.”

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