SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The annual Ag Day breakfast at the Illinois State Fair on Tuesday provided an opportunity for those in agribusiness across the state to mingle and celebrate. Governor Pritzker made a special announcement as well.

The crowd at the breakfast was a pure composite of Illinois agriculture.

“We are here to celebrate all ways that agriculture enhances our lives here in the state of Illinois,” said Illinois Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello. “That is from work being done in the fields, to work being done in the classroom and work being done in agribusiness across the state of Illinois.”

Lieutenant Governor Julianna Stratton introduced her guests from Chicago.

“I’m proud to welcome my special guests today: students from the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. So the bright young minds who will take our ag industry even further can thank the farmers who inspired them and the legacy they will carry on,” Stratton said. “So please join me in welcoming Kylie Norwood, Madison Melendez, Sofi Crowley, Sophia Roy and Jose Pacheo.”

Some of those students spoke at the event.

“Thank you local farmers. Thank you for all that you do,” Norwood said. “If you weren’t so good at your jobs, we wouldn’t have any food, clothes or other necessary commodities to live our everyday lives. I do believe your job is the toughest job in the world. It’s also the most important.

They all were FFA members, and Governor Pritzker said all vo-ag students will now have that full opportunity.

“So from now on, the State of Illinois will pay FFA membership dues for every single student taking agricultural classes,” Pritzker announced. “At the heart of Illinois sits our agricultural industry. So this just isn’t an investment in our students; its an investment in our economy, in our families and in our entire ag community.”