From the farm: Nice weather good for corn and soy


SADORUS, Ill. (WCIA) — Cool August weather is benefiting farmers who planted corn and soybeans this year, by lengthening the grain fill peroid.

WCIA’s Stu Ellis spoke with Steve Stierwalt of Sadorus Thursday morning, asking if he’s happy with his “great looking corn and beans.”

“We’ve been very fortunate; the weather has been kind to us, we were able to get out early; get things planted early,” Stierwalt said. Sometimes a pretty good measure of what kind of rains we’ve had is we’ve never had the grass dry up. Its been staying green all year and so we are off to a great looking crop.”

“Any challenges to it?” asked Ellis, “I know some people have been spraying fungicides on corn and insects on beans.”

“We have used some fungicides,” Stierwalt said, “but most of the corn that I’ve scouted really has been pretty clean as far as disease problems. And so we’ve used some fungicides, but not as much as we normally may have. It really looks good at this point.”

“And farmers at this point, I am sure you are making yield checks,” Ellis responded.

“I have not actually done the yield checks yet, I have been pulling some ears,” Stierwalt said. “Sixteen to 18 rows is pretty common and 30 to 345 long and stuff like that. So it’s looking real good.”

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