CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — There is a new collaboration of Central Illinois companies that serve a lot of Corbelt farmers with technical equipment for agriculture.

For instance, Big Iron and Sullivan Auctioneers announced their merger last week and Linco Precision is partnering with Bottom Line Solutions to expand high tech service to farmers, providing them new opportunities.

So what spurred this collaboration?

“We actually had not butted heads together even though our companies are pretty close, separated only from El Paso to Morton, Illinois,” said Linco CEO Skip Klinefelter. “And the Bottom Line people unfortunately lost their leader a few years ago, and Wendy Burroughs was looking for somebody that had a like culture and had the capability of working with their group of people and we kind of got together on the collaboration. And from our standpoint, they have a very nice facility as you can see around here. But more importantly was the employees, Melissa Mohr, Jack Bartholomew, Justin Steffen, very quality people, and as our company, as we always do, look for quality people. And you need to have people that do have potential, but they need to have passion, and all three of these people have passion.”

Jack Bartholomew is with Bottom Line Solutions. What does that company bring to the table?

“I think as Skip mentioned, part of territory they may not have been as strong in, this part of the area that we had a good foothold in,” Bartholomew said. “And a few products that they didn’t, but we greatly look forward to the addition of some of the items that they have to our portfolio, to help with our customers.”

The collaboration officially began on July 15, and we congratulate Linco Precision and Bottom Line Solutions on a collaboration that a lot of farmers will benefit from.