ILLINOIS (WCIA) — There is a big baseball game Thursday night in Dyersville, Iowa. But why is that making farm news?

Farmers know Dirk Rice as chairman of the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and a Philo farmer, but all of a sudden he is a big baseball fan.

“Illinois Corn is going to be sending representatives to the Field of Dreams game, Thursday, in Dyersville, Iowa,” said Rice. “We saw it as an opportunity. We’ll be doing TV advertising, consumer outreach, with two of the three biggest TV markets involved between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees, we saw this as an opportunity to get our message out to a lot of consumers in something that we think is going to have a lot of interest and get a lot of viewership.”

So what kind of advertising are they doing?

“We do a lot of what I tend to call ‘Farmer Imaging,’ but there’s a lot of information like the things we do to produce a safe food supply, you know, the food you eat that is produced by American farmers is safe to eat, the same food we eat, that we do it sustainably. We are being responsible in the way we farm, so that future generation, the productivity of our farmland should just keep improving and you’ve got a chance to reach consumers directly that