BOONE, Iowa (WCIA) — The Farm Progress Show starts Tuesday in Boone, Iowa, and Willie Vogt of Farm Progress Publications provides a sample of what is on display at this year’s show.

“Obviously it’s your one-stop shop for an update on both the hardware and software of agriculture. The newest equipment, the newest technology that you want to check out, but we also have some fun stuff. We’re going to float a tractor again this year like we did in 2018. It’s fun, but it’s a demonstration on the importance of good tire inflation for proper floatation on actual soil. And they can just show what they can do with that technology. So that’s a fun thing.”

“Our autonomy demo is going nuts. We’ve got the Raven demo. We’re going to have a company there called Ryse. They make a drone you can fly in yourself. It’s a one-man, one-person drone. Six battery-powered motors, it’s actually rated as an ultralight, and they will be flying that at the show. So people can see it demonstrated. That’s pretty cool.”

“Obviously, Raven will have their omni-power, they’ll also have their omni drive system, which is the grain cart without a driver, which is still freaky as far as I’m concerned. And they will actually drive the omni-drive in the field demos. There’s a lot of that fun stuff going on along the edges, and then, of course, our field demos. We’re excited to see everybody in the fields looking at corn.”

“Case just rolled out a new planter and they’ll have it on site for everybody to see. It’s a really nice new machine. I saw it in Arizona a few months ago and this will be one of the first Midwest shows that I think people will get a good look at it. Obviously Deere has the equipment they’ve got. Another look at the momentum planter from AGCO, those are the three big players. Obviously AGCO has more than the Momentum, they’ve got the White Planter and they have Precision Planting and I believe they’ve just rolled out some new technology they’ll probably show at the show. They rolled out a new soil measurement, soil sensing system that I think a lot of farmers are going to want to know about when they visit Precision Planting at the show too.”

“I did find out from Matt Jungmann, our events manager, we are going to have on site a 24-row, 30-inch corn head. It weighs 18,000 pounds. We know this because we had to make some arrangements to get it in and get it onto the site. It will not be in the field demos, it will just be for people to see it because technically, there are no combines rated to hold an 18,000 pound corn head. But people will get to see that and they’ll want to see that at the show.”

The Farm Progress Show runs Tuesday through Thursday in Iowa.