From the Farm: Exporting U.S. soybeans


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Many of the soybeans farmers are harvesting will be exported. One of the reasons is they are more nutritious than soybeans from Brazil.

The U.S. Soybean Export Council brought a dozen livestock production nutritionists to central Illinois to visit with University of Illinois animal nutritionists and soybean farmers to bolster export sales. “We’ve got people from Mexico, from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, so it is a very representative team of America’s production,” said Luis Bustamante. “Most of them are in the production side of animal husbandry.”

Bustamante said the travelers just learned from University of Illinois livestock nutrition specialists to look for amino acid content in soybean meal.

“And one of the things that created most of the discussion during the meetings…was when Dr. Parsons mentioned that one of the most representative companies in the US, poultry producing companies, had a specific calculation of how much amino acid would mean for their operations and that was life-changing for them. They realized there is money. There are opportunities and that the effort the farmer puts in the field pays off in their operation.”

So if they can put on meat on a chick or a hog a lot faster, more efficiently, more economically, then they may come back to Illinois-for example–and buy soybean meal.

“Yes, and they will help us work this message through the whole value chain,” said Bustamante. “So everyone in the value chain understands why U.S. soy is better and why they should always be more focused on amino acid content and other properties that might be of their interest.”

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