COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — When most farmers still have their seeds in the shed, a Coles County farmer said his beans may be out of the ground this weekend.

Gary Coffey’s field is located just east of Kansas on the western edge of Edgar County.

Stu Ellis: Tell me when you planted these soybeans.

Gary Coffey: These were planted on the 12th of April.

Stu Ellis: That’s not many days away. They’ve got quite a bit of growth in a short period of time.

Gary Coffey: Yes, just about a three-quarter of an inch sprout coming out on them. I was surprised with the temperature that they have been that far along.

Stu Ellis: You probably had some seed treatment on there.

Gary Coffey: Yes, we did have them treated so I know that protects them quite a bit. We don’t plant beans this early without seed treatment.

Stu Ellis: To what do you attribute the really good reaction that these soybeans have had for a cold, wet spring?

Gary Coffey: The genetics have surely changed a lot since ’73 when I started farming. The seed treatment really, really helps them out. Technology has come a long way and that’s got to be the difference.

Stu Ellis: What kind of planter did you use?

Gary Coffey: These were with a Kinze planter. It’s pretty basic. We have precision units on our con planters, but the beans, we don’t and they seem to yield just as good.

Stu Ellis: How many acres of beans do you have planted at this point?

Gary Coffey: Right now, about 125 acres. Just had to find a few dry places and there were very few of those.

Stu Ellis: How many acres will you have when you get all done?

Gary Coffey: Around 2,000 acres of soybeans when we get finished.

Stu Ellis: And they are all in the Edgar and Coles County area then?

Gary Coffey: We have a little bit in Douglas County and a tiny, tiny bit in Clark County.

Stu Ellis: Have you marketed these beans at this point?

Gary Coffey: We did a little earlier than we should have, but it was a real good price. But we’ve got a lot more yet to sell so I’m not disappointed.

Our congratulations to Gary Coffey on some really good looking beans about at pop out of the ground here real shortly.