LOGAN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — With the arrival of July, we want to get some regular updates from the field about how the corn and soybean crops are doing because of the very challenging year.

We begin with a visit to the farm of Doug Martin in the Mt. Pulaski area.

Stu Ellis: Doug, you’ve got some good looking corn here. I’ve seen a lot of worse looking corn because of moisture. How much moisture have you had on this field?

Doug Martin: Not very much. So we had an inch and four-tenths here about a week ago, but prior to that, if you were to come out here and done this interview two weeks ago, it looked like a field of pineapple. It was rolled up pretty good and starting to show signs of stress. But that rain came just in the nick of time around here. This was our last planted corn, planted on May 12, so it’s not as big as our first planted stuff, but it’s starting to really turn the corner. It looked good, but we’re needing another rain.

Stu Ellis: What sort of nitrogen have you got on here?

Doug Martin: So this farm, it’s got 100 pounds of anhydrous put on, then we come back with a little bit of 28 and ammonium thiosulfufate with a chemical. And about 10 days ago, we put on a product called NG that we use. It’s an ammonium-type nitrogen in the amino acid form that the plant soaks right up, so it’s supposed to be a pretty efficient way of doing things.

Stu Ellis: Any other kind of biologicals of any kind?

Doug Martin: Yep, we’ve got a product that we make that we’re putting on with a planter. It’s got several different things in it and I’d have to look at the list to get it to you, but it improves the biology of the soil in a nutshell and makes the soil healthier and in turn gives us a healthier plant.

Stu Ellis: Any disease or insects that you’ve seen?

Doug Martin: Not yet, but that’s probably on the list to do after the 4th July here, you know. The early-planted corn is starting to shoot some tassels, so everybody’s got their guard up for tarspot this year and gray leaf spot and all that stuff that comes. And I think most people in this area have a fungicide trip planned; we’ll see if that turns into fruition. I think we’re going to start scouting corn pretty good next week.

We appreciate the comments of Doug Martin out near Mt. Pulaski.